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UK TBI-Repository and Data Portal Enabling Discovery

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability. In the UK alone, TBI costs over £10 billion each year and globally, it costs over $400 billion. TBI can lead to long-term health issues such as dementia, epilepsy, mental health problems, and a shorter lifespan. While we have gained some understanding of the underlying causes of TBI, drug trials have often failed and progress in clinical care has been slow. However, the individual research projects have generated lots of valuable information that has not been widely used outside of the original studies.

To address this, we are creating a platform called The UK-TBI REpository and data PORTal Enabling discoveRy (TBI-REPORTER). This exciting MRC/NIHR/MoD/ARUK funded initiative will bring together all the available research on TBI and make it accessible to scientists. By doing so, we hope to aid the development of new diagnostic techniques, therapeutic interventions, and personalized treatments for TBI. TBI-REPORTER will cover all age groups, including children and older adults, as well as particular groups like military personnel, athletes, prisoners, homeless individuals, and victims of domestic violence.

The data in TBI-REPORTER will be available to researchers from the UK and around the world. This will speed up TBI research and improve our understanding of its lifelong impact on health, leading to better treatment and individualized care.