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Jaimie Taylor (He/Him)
Project Manager, BSc – Cambridge

Jaimie has worked at the University of Cambridge since 2015, when he joined the MRC Epidemiology Unit as their Clinical Research Manager. He has since worked for the University as Manager of the Cambridge BioResource and then as Project Manager of the BRAID and MyPeBS trials at the Department of Radiology.

Data Hub

Bailey Rae (They/Them)
Administrator – Glasgow

Bailey has over fifteen years of administrative and management experience, starting in the film, theatre, and board game industries, then moving into the charity sector.

They have been with Glasgow Brain Injury Research Group at the University of Glasgow since March 2020, facilitating brain donations and supporting projects such as the CONNECT-TBI initiative and The FIELD Study; they now make up the administrative arm of the Data Hub for TBI-REPORTER.

Doris Chatfield (She/Her)
Interim Co-ordinator – Cambridge