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Experimental Medicine Network

An Experimental Medicine Network of research-ready sites, with explicit capabilities for early translational research, initially comprising eight Pathfinder Centres, but eventually expanding to a network of 12-16 sites. 

  • As part of the project, we will assemble a Prospective Proof of Principle (3P) cohort, with rich and granular data collection. This will not seek to match the size of large existing prospective cohorts such as those from CENTER-TBI, but show that our network is capable of delivering on the more challenging demands of experimental medicine studies and early phase trials, which require more advanced technology and collect more granular data. The 3P Cohort will also bank digital data and biosamples to support development, refining and implementation of protocols for such studies.   
  • The Network will provide a resource for both academic and industry led Phase 1b and 2a studies, to characterise clinical TBI pathophysiology in detail, using a wide range of potential biomarkers, including those derived from clinical data (both acute and outcome), neuroimaging (CT, 3T and 7T MRI, and PET), biofluid analysis (blood, CSF, brain microdialysate), and genomics (genetic association studies, transcriptomics, and epigenetics).
  • We will leverage such data to deliver cohort enrichment, document CNS drug delivery, demonstrate target engagement, show proof of principle efficacy using intermediate endpoints (such as serial imaging), and provide linkage and other approaches to characterising long term disease activity and outcome over years and decades.  
  • Our research sites will be characterised based on their research expertise in specific areas, but in addition to core capabilities listed earlier, we expect several centres in our network to have capability for each the following research techniques: high resolution ICU monitoring, clinical brain microdialysis, advanced 3T MRI (including multi-shell DTI and magnetic resonance spectroscopy), 7T MRI, and PET.